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Lefki Savvidou

lefki savvidou

after some time of silence, we come back with a small interview with the freelance illustrator and image maker Lefki Savvidou, from Cyprus (currently based in London).

There is something about Lefki's black and white thin-lined detailed work, a humoristic and a kind of romantic approach sometimes…

GZT: where are you right now and what are you working on?
I’m currently in London working on building a portfolio with a series of new drawings i started since the beginning of 2013. With that work completed, the next step for me is to pursue tattooing.

GZT: how did you find yourself in this path of illustration?
I was always drawing but I entered the field of illustration by mistake. It was a university application filled in just for fun. Next thing I knew I was enrolled in the course and three years later I got my degree. But it wasn’t until later that i actually started liking illustration and developed my own personal style of work . A style that i’m finally pleased with.

GZT: why victorian style?
LS: I’ve always been against technology and that includes the field of the arts. I’m not saying that artwork produced via technology is necessarily bad or ugly. Personally I tend to stick to traditional mediums (pens, pencils, ink). Victorian style illustrations have an amazing detail and quality to them that can’t be reproduced digitally. They are unique and easily recognizable. It has to do more with nostalgia and the fact that anything non-tech these days is considered romantic, even books. You could say that I’m trying to bring back the essence of Victorian illustrations with my own twist and always keeping it simple.

I have also seen an illustration of Lefki in the latest Cyprus Dossier publication

to see more of her work visit this link and if you want to stay updated you can follow her page on facebook

thank you for your time Lefki, we are looking forward for more!

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