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Stelios Votsis

Last week the art scene, said goodbye to one of the most significant figures of contemporary art in Cyprus…

Stelios Votsis was born in Larnaca in 1929 and studied in Central Saint Martins School of Arts, the Sir John Cass College and the Royal Academy of Arts in London. He graduated in 1955 from the Slade School of Arts of the University of London.

"The language of Art is simply the color, shape, tone, space, line, all these things. When you do not know the language, nothing happens. It’s gone… The language is universal. It is called "Design". The design is the language of the composition of things, real and imaginary. When you don’t know the language, you can’t make Art. You can learn it at a Fine Arts school… A student places a color and a classmate comes and says, ‘this color that you placed does not fit here.’ This "the color does not fit here" is the language. Can anyone, who learns the language to become an artist? No! It’s like, you know Greek, can you write poetry? The language itself is nothing but it’s something you must learn. Then add your feelings, your vision and all these things… Finally, while the language is inside me, what I really want to convey, is the vision! A world of triangles. The triangle is a spiritual shape…" (translated part of the interview taken by Christina Lambrou for Parathyro in 2008 - to read the full interview follow the link below)

His acquaintance with other artists of Cyprus like Christoforos Savva and Lefteris Economou opened new horizons for his creative work and the cultural scene of Cyprus since together with Savva and Pantelis Michanikos and others established the Pancyprian Union Of Art. This Union or Society if you wish, was a movement that brought a European climate in Cypriot art and was quite innovatory for the prevailing standards... (further reading from source at links below)

Stelios was undoubtedly one of the leading figures of contemporary art in Cyprus

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Some of Stelios' paintings are part of major collections amongst which the National Gallery of Greece, the National Bank of Greece, the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Commercial Bank of Greece, the Vorre Museum, the Larnaca Municipal Gallery, at the Presidential Palace of Cyprus, the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and in many other Public and Private collections in Greece and abroad.

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